Begin again

  • After years of inactivity I am ready to begin recording my creative searching again. 854E39CC-0D60-478B-B50F-B35BD6A20E20I’m practicing “art” purposely every day. I’m paying attention, listening and making marks. It feels good.

more insect cloth


more progressive stages of silk koi. The artist is my friend of all time Donna. I am assisting her and loving it.We are layering levels of dye and resistand using alcohol (not consuming it) to add to texture.

koi stage 5




stage 2 of painting. wash and resist

stage 2 of painting.
wash and resist

The thought of insects creating fiber
fiber to protect
during a most vunerable stage
a coat a shield a soft and strong garment

I adore silk. I like raw and knubby silk the most. lately my friend and I have taken out our frame and
returned to painting silk.
dye meets fabric and begins to move..through the fibers
stopping only when it meets a resist
becomes captured within its determined space.
feelings flow through me into the brush and are released in color upon insect cloth.

Mitered Cross

I’m enjoying free form knitting/felting. While working on “Sea Nest”, I had a compulsion to form it and shape it. it was exciting like looking at a huge waterfall or knowing if I run a little more I will get the prize!
Another project that I am working on has the effect of calming me bringing my focus to the present, or layering behind abstract active thinking. The mitered squares are formed formed with “Noro Silk Garden” yarn.
Amazing how I get a thrill out of this
silky fiber each time it changes colors.
variety creates satisfaction.
I enjoy a variety of foods, people,colors,…
I need one color to appreciate the other.
Variegated yarn = Chameleon yarn

The Graffiti of Grace

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2011-02-25 at 16-21-12

You write it on
and bridges
and walls
and inevitable falls
and failings.

You paint it in
and sunset
and across star-stung skies
and in the tattoo
of shadows.

You stitch it into
hearts, tiny etched
sacred scars.

It is
and ridiculous
and readily available
and we forget
and we cheapen it
and we take it
but forget
to give it.

It is
and we’re found
gently loosed and unbound;
but we forsake it,
and forget
to live it.

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